In 1932, Walnut Cheese was founded as a market for the milk produced by surrounding dairy farmers. Since then the company's aim has been to provide "A Cheese for every taste."

Walnut Cheese has supplied consumers with Colby Longhorn, Muenster, Caraway, Cheddars, Mild Brick, Calico and Mozzarella. The Walnut Cheese label has been their assurance of quality.

In 1964 Avanti Foods was formed to produce frozen pizzas under the "Gino's" and "Swiss Party" labels. Our own Mozzarella cheese is used for the topping.

The cheese store and offices are located in the Swiss Chalet, built in 1977. The new facilities make it possible for visitors to view the pizza and cheese production or browse in the Cheese and Gourmet Shop.

Avanti Foods©
109 Depot Street
Walnut, IL 61376